Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Return of Thunder

When the Oakland A's traded pitcher Rich Harden, I did not think it would affect me in the least. I'm neutral on Harden and the Rays had already finished playing their season series against the Cubs. So although some people got excited, the latest baseball mega-blockbuster barely nudged my care meter.

How completely foolish of me.

Little did I realize that because of this trade I could once again be privy to greatness. Once again I had the opportunity to witness the awesome presence that is Thunder Matt Murton as his new team, the Oakland A's, visited beautiful Tropicana Field.

When I first saw his name in the lineup, I was pleasantly surprised. No longer denied by the oppressive Cubs organization, Thunder Matt not only started in left field for the A's, but he also batted clean-up, arguably the most important of all lineup positions.

And so it is with great honor that I may testify to my readers an eyewitness report of the July 22nd happenings of Thunder Matt Murton. Consider this, if you will, the hadith of the Redheaded Messiah.

1st AB: He struck out looking

2nd AB: He flew out to center

3rd AB: He grounded out to the catcher

4th AB: He popped a bunt to the catcher

5th AB: He reached on an error

To some, Thunder Matt may be a distant memory, but to me his legend lives on.