Monday, October 9, 2023

Quoted on Forbes and Bleacher Report

The Rays new stadium news had many people quoting my old articles on the Tampa Bay market.

Over at Forbes, Daniel Epstein wrote,

The new ballpark will surely be an upgrade over their current one in most regards, but there is one major problem it won’t solve. The main reason for the Rays’ attendance issues is that the stadium is difficult to access from the rest of the Tampa Bay area. As Michael Lortz wrote for FanGraphs in 2017, “Tropicana Field is too far from the population center and the gridlock too tangled for enough fans to see the Rays on a daily basis.”

 On BleacherReport, Joseph Zucker wrote,

FanGraphs' Michael Lortz pointed out in 2015 how the population within a 30-minute radius of Tropicana Field was relatively small. The typical traffic around Tampa can be enough to put off those who otherwise might have been interested in attending Rays games.

It is always cool to be quoted. I am glad people still find my work relevant. I wrote a lot about the baseball market in Tampa Bay and I have seen memes and graphics shared that link to my articles. Some big baseball content creators have even said I helped change their thoughts on the validity of Tampa Bay to support baseball. It is nice to be recognized.

I am thinking about writing more in 2024, I just have to figure out how I'll make it work.