Thursday, September 11, 2008

Talking Rays At-Bat Music

Last year, I attended a focus group meeting for (then Devil) Rays fans at Tropicana Field and I voiced my opinion on one particular issue: I wanted to know what song was playing as each individual player stepped to the plate. I suggested that it would be a good idea if this information was broadcast somewhere on the scoreboard. As this year has progressed, and as I have gone to approximately 20 home games at Tropicana Field, I have again wondered the same thing I thought about last year: what songs were playing?

Although I have noticed a few titles and some singer/band info being displayed, especially during the last few weeks, thanks to the MLB Entertainment website (via DRays Bay), I finally have my answers.

A few notes on the Rays at-bat music info:

- The page lists Evan Longoria's music as Pantera's "I'm Broken". While that was his music after the all-star break, he began the season with Tantric's "Down and Out".

- Of all the songs in English, the one I can least understand is Willy Aybar's entrance music, T-Pain and Flo Rida's "Low". I think the song goes something like "the belly-saggin' jeans and Reebok-twirling shoes" and then "she got low, low, low, low, low". The rest I have no idea. This song makes me feel old. I saw kids no older than eight singing along to it, while I stood there baffled.

- I'm pretty sure Edwin Jackson's music is not "Track 12" by Unknown. I don't think a musical artist would go by the name "Unknown". Then again, maybe they do and I am just old.

- Also in the category of "people who changed songs during the season", I think Troy Percival began the season coming in to Audioslave's "Chocise" before settling on Godsmack. Usually Godsmack oozes confidence and bad-assness, but not when Percival takes the mound. I've never been more nervous during "Keep Away".

- I know B.J. Upton has come up to the plate to more than just Lil Wayne's "Lollipop", but I have no clue what his other songs were.

- How cool is it that two Rays come to the plate to Pantera, both the aforementioned Longoria and Eric Hinske, who after his first at-bat comes to the plate to "Walk"? Both "Walk" and "I'm Broken" sound kick-ass echoing through the stadium. I also think the PA guys crank those songs up a little louder than they do some of the rap songs. But maybe I am just biased.

- Hinske's opening tunes also remind me of an opportunity lost. Why didn't anyone form a group in the stands called "Hinske's Headbangers"?

- Speaking of fan groups, and time is not yet lost on this one, what about the "Longo-holics" for fans of Longoria? Count me in as the first Longoholic. I might have to start making t-shirts.