Thursday, June 17, 2021

Talking with the St Pete Sports Connection at Fergs Sports Bar and Grill

The St Pete Sports Connection is a weekly sports radio show on Radio St Pete 96.7 FM hosted by longtime sports radio host Mike Rickord. Mike has been kind enough to have me on his show a few times over the last few months. Mike is awesome to talk with and it is a lot of fun. We talk sports - mostly baseball - and he gives me the opportunity to pitch my novel, Curveball at the Crossroads.

Last week I was on Mike's show for approximately 30 minutes. Also on the show was a representative from Coppertail Brewing in Tampa, FL, which happens to be one of, if not my number one favorite brewery in the Tampa area.

In this show, I talk about Rays attendance, the stadium issue, as well as the 2021 baseball season. I should be back on the St Pete Sports Connection again soon!