Thursday, February 6, 2014

Welcome and what to expect

Thank you for checking out Tampa Bay Baseball In the week we have been posting, we've seen some definite interest in our work.

I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know what we are doing and what to expect from this site. I might rehash some of what is mentioned in the introduction, but the message here will be much different.

As you might have noticed, we have begun laying the groundwork on Tampa Bay Rays attendance data. We have already looked at 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Next week, we will look at 2011, 2012, and 2013. Then in the week following, we will put it all together. We will look at all of our categories (By Day, By Month, By Opponent, By Starting Pitcher, and By Promotion) across all seven years of reviews. We will be able to tell what pitcher has averaged the highest or lowest attendance per day. We will tell you how much of an effect weekends have on attendance for any specific team. And we will tell you what effect, if any, winning streaks and concerts have on Rays home attendance.

After that, we should be in a position to mathematically predict the Rays 2014 attendance based on past results.

That will bring us into March and the middle of Spring Training. We won't be covering Spring Training attendance this year. Instead, we will lay the same groundwork we did with the Rays with the Tampa Yankees, Clearwater Threshers, Dunedin Blue Jays, and Bradenton Marauders. We will look at those teams' average attendance from 2007 to 2013 by Day, by Month, by Opponent, by Starting Pitcher, and by Promotion.

By the end of March, we hope to put all these charts and tables together and tell you what, if any, effect the Minor League teams have on Rays attendance.

In the first week of April, we will switch gears from the past to the present. Once the regular season starts, we will publish daily attendance posts with much of the criteria we used in the annual reviews. We'll keep running logs of attendance by criteria.

Once the season starts going and we get into a rhythm, between those daily posts we will try to bring you a post or two a week on the demographics and economics of Tampa Bay and detail some of venues competing with baseball for dollars.

And we will always try to have a video up for every statistical measurement we make.

So to those who have checked us out so far, thank you. Please spread the word. It will be a fun summer.