Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ben's Biz visits Steinbrenner Field

Last week I mentioned that Minor League Baseball's promotions and business guru, Ben Hill, made a journey through the Florida State League earlier this season. Part of Ben's tour this season included stops at McKechnie Field in Bradenton, Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, and Florida Auto Exchange Stadium in Dunedin.

(Seriously, he gets paid to visit Minor League Baseball parks and write about his visits. This is his job.)

Last week's post included links to three posts Ben wrote about his visit to Bradenton. Well, ever there chronicler and man of tradition, Ben wrote three posts about his visit to Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.

Ben began his epic chronicle with a post entitled "On The Road: On The Perimeter in Tampa". Ben spent most of this post touring the outside (hence perimeter) of Steinbrenner Field. He took and posted several pictures on the mini-monument park, the statue of George Steinbrenner, and the tribute to the World Trade Center. His first observation is typical of many:
My first impression of this facility — which also serves as the Yankees’ Spring Training home — was that it’s enormous.
Ben also contemplates the fact that visitors can see Raymond James Stadium from Steinbrenner Field. And he concludes his initial review with a separate post on Tampa Yankees employee Dallas McClain.

Ben's second post, "On The Road: A Model Ballpark in Tampa", begins with a discussion of a Lego model of Steinbrenner Field, created by Mark Staffa of the Greater Florida Lego Users Group.

The second post then details the game experience, from the in-game entertainment to the Dugout Club to some fine pictures of the game action.

In the third post, entitled "On The Road: More Than a Taste of Tampa", Ben, along with his trusty "designated eater" took on the Steinbrenner Field "Taste of Tampa" event prior to the Tampa Yankees game on April 12th. Ben took pictures of BBQ sandwiches, Cuban sandwiches, donuts, and hummus. His reviewer was fair but tough. Personally, I was glad Ben had a chance to see and in some cases, taste, what Tampa is about.

When they had their fill, Ben wrapped up his post and his visit and headed to Dunedin.