Monday, May 4, 2015

Talking about the Tampa Bay Baseball Market with Sully Baseball

Paul Francis Sullivan, or "Sully", is one of the most prolific independent baseball media creators online today. Although probably best known for his In Memoriam video that should have been played during the 2014 All-Star Game, Sully also is an epic podcaster. Beginning in 2012, he has now podcasted about baseball for over 900 consecutive days.

I first talked with Sully several years ago, long before this blog was even an idea. A lifelong Red Sox fan, Sully wanted to know about the Rays and public sentiment here in Tampa Bay. So he called me and a long e-migo friendship was formed.

During the recent Red Sox visit to Tropicana Field, I pointed out to Sully that attendance for Red Sox games in St. Pete ain't what they used to be. After a quick twitter discussion, Sully asked if I would come back on his show and talk to him about this blog and my thoughts on the Tampa Bay baseball market.

Our interview goes for 24:30 and we discuss Rays attendance, the latest on Tropicana Field and the Rays hunt for a new stadium, attendance for Red Sox games, Tampa Bay demographics, the effect of Minor League Baseball in Tampa Bay, and several other topics.

Overall, the interview is a great primer for this site and all the research I have done. If you are new here, I would recommended listening. If you have been reading since Day 1, I put a lot of concepts together here that I might not have articulated before.

Major thanks to Sully for having me on his podcast. Always a pleasure. And be sure to check out his site at